Frequently Ask Questions

Booking and Payment

How do I make a booking?

  • To make a booking, select a tour (or customize one), date, car type (number of passengers), other preferences, and provide us your contact information to complete the booking.

I made a booking, what happen next?

  • After you made a booking, we will find a suitable driver for you within 24 hours and send you the driver's details and contact information. If needed, you can contact the driver and discuss your trip with the driver. On the requested date, the driver will pick you up at the specified time and location.

How can I cancel a booking?

  • You can cancel a booking by informing our Customer Support. Cancellation is free within the first 24 hours of making a booking. For more information on our cancellation policy, please see our policy page.

If the driver does not turn up, what should I do?

  • You should try to contact the driver directly first. If the driver is unreachable, please inform our Customer Support immediately and we will find another driver for you at no additional cost.

What if the driver and/or vehicle is different from the one we arranged for you?

  • Do not board the vehicle. Instead, report this issue to our Customer Support as soon as possible.

When do I make payment?

  • A small deposit is required when you make a booking. The remaining balance is payable in cash (Local Currency) to the driver at the end of your trip.

What should I do if there is any dispute on payment with the driver?

  • If there is any dispute on payment that cannot be resolved directly with the driver, please contact our Customer Support immediately.

How much gratuity / tip should I give the driver?

  • Gratuity / tip is optional but we recommend 10% if the driver’s service is good.

Customize Trips

Why can't I find the place I want to go?

  • Our customize tour feature uses Google Maps to find places. If you can't find a place, it is probably because the place is not recognized by Google Maps or its name is different. Try to find the place with its exact address.

How does the customize tour feature calculate the price?

  • Our customize tour feature uses advanced technology to find the most optimal route with the shortest distance and lowest price for your tour. The price includes the driver's service fee, the car's fuel cost, highway toll and parking fee, specific to your tour only.