Ultimate Bangkok Day Tour

Discover Bangkok's vibrant and unique history in this tour - Wat Pho, Wat Arun, The Grand Palace and Temple of the Golden Mountain all in one day. Beat the sweltering heat in our experienced drivers' air-conditioned car!

  • Time Icon1 Day8 Hours5 Attractions
  • Child safety seat available
  • English service available
  • Private tour, flexible pick-up time
  • Up to 10 guests per vehicle only. More than 10 guests require 2 or more vehicles.


  • Pick up at
    Bangkok City
  • Hotel, BnB or any place within the city

  • Small shuttle iconDrive: 5 mins
    • 1st

      The Grand Palace
    • The Grand Palace, as its name suggests, is a spectacular palace that was home to the Thai kings for decades. It is now still an important and iconic landmark of Bangkok, and many tourists flock to the palace in awe of its beautiful and intricate architectural designs. Also located within the palace grounds is the famous Wat Phra Kaew, or the Temple of the Emerald Buddha.

      Stay about
      2 h 0 mins
  • Small shuttle iconDrive: 0 mins
    • 2nd

      Temple of the Emerald Buddha
    • Stay about
      1 h 0 mins
  • Small shuttle iconDrive: 14 mins
    • 3rd

      Wat Pho
    • Wat Pho houses the largest reclining Buddha in Thailand at a breathtaking 46 metres. As the largest and oldest temple in Bangkok, Wat Pho also boasts the largest collection of Buddha images in Thailand - A sight you have to behold in real life. Wat Pho wait? Book now!

      Stay about
      1 h 30 mins
  • Small shuttle iconDrive: 28 mins
    • 4th

      Wat Arun
    • Also known as the Temple of Dawn, Wat Arun is a popular place to visit especially during sunrise - although it is also equally breathtaking in the evenings, when it is illuminated by the night lights. It is also known for its beautiful and unique architecture.

      Stay about
      1 h 30 mins
  • Small shuttle iconDrive: 8 mins
    • 5th

      Temple of the Golden Mountain
    • The Temple of Golden Mountain or Wat Saket, is a Buddhist Temple in Bangkok. 334 steps later, you will be able to enjoy the paranomic view of Bangkok, which is definitely worth it.

      Stay about
      1 h 0 mins
  • Small shuttle iconDrive: 22 mins
    • Drop off at
      Bangkok City
    • Hotel, BnB or any place within the city

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    MaxxSeptember 2019
    Andy is a nice person. He arrived 30 minutes earlier than the arranged time. Throughout the trip, he was able to converse well in English as expected and made thoughtful tips on what to do etc. I would recommend Andy to others. Thank you Andy!

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