Khao Yai Day Tour

Experience life away from the city at Farm Chokchai, Palio Khao Yai and Primo Piazza, the top 3 attractions in Khao Yai in a day trip from Bangkok. With flexible time, include other attractions such as PB Valley Winery, Chocolate Factory, Pete's Maze or The Bloom By TV Pool in the day trip too!

  • Time Icon1 Day11 Hours3 Attractions
  • Child safety seat available
  • English service available
  • Private tour, flexible pick-up time
  • Up to 10 guests per vehicle only. More than 10 guests require 2 or more vehicles.


  • Pick up at
    Bangkok City
  • Hotel, BnB or any place within the city

  • Small shuttle icon
    About 2 h 30 min by car
    • 1st

      Farm Chokchai
    • A 2 hours tour around the 8000-acres Farm Chokchoi and you will be immersed in exploring the farm life and seeing cowboys in action. You will have the opportunity to try out their locally produced dairy products - fresh and creamy!

      Stay about
      2 h 30 min
  • Small shuttle icon
    About 20 min by car
    • 2nd

      The Chocolate Factory Khao Yai
    • Warm and welcoming, The Chocolate Factory is the perfect place you and your travel companion to dine, have coffee or have desserts. A visit to Khao Yai would not be completed without indulging in the chocolate treats here.

      Stay about
      1 h 0 min
  • Small shuttle icon
    About 10 min by car
    • 3rd

      Primo Piazza
    • Primo Piazza is a charming way to spend your afternoon. The place is designed with a European look and feel to it, and even has a barn with many cute animals inside you can pet. This is the perfect place to have a relaxing stroll, and to take unique and memorable photographs!

      Stay about
      2 h 0 min
  • Small shuttle icon
    About 2 h 30 min by car
    • Drop off at
      Bangkok City
    • Hotel, BnB or any place within the city

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