Taiwan Northeast Coast Day Tour

Taiwan's northeast coast is a popular choice for a day trip out from Taipei City. In stark contrast with the hustle and bustle of the city, the northeast coast sports many beaches, parks, and mesmerising views of the ocean. From the Sandiaojiao Lighthouse to the Nanya Rock Formations, this day trip is packed with history, culture, and of course a spectacular view of nature.

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    Taipei City
  • Hotel, BnB or any place within the city

  • Small shuttle iconDrive: 41 mins
    • 1st

      Lingjiao Waterfall
    • This whimsical waterfall is located on the outskirts of New Taipei City, along the Keelung River, and right next to the Lingjiao Railway Station. This is an ideal stop for those making long journeys from Taipei to the surrounding cities.

      Stay about
      0 h 30 mins
  • Small shuttle iconDrive: 46 mins
    • 2nd

      Sandiaojiao Lighthouse
    • Sandiaojiao, first known as San Diego to the Spanish, holds historical significance as the landing point of the earliest recorded arrival of foreigners onto Taiwan's northeast coast. Today, it is a popular tourist site that features breathtaking views of the coastline and ocean.

      Stay about
      1 h 0 mins
  • Small shuttle iconDrive: 14 mins
    • 3rd

      Fulong Beach
    • Fulong Beach is one of the most popular beaches on Taiwan's northeast coast. Every summer, various sand sculpture festivals are held, and you can witness fascinating and intricate sand art created on the beach.

      Stay about
      1 h 0 mins
  • Small shuttle iconDrive: 13 mins
    • 4th

      Jinshawan Coast Park
    • Jinshawan is a cozy beach along the northeast coast of Taiwan. There are various beach and water activities you can do here, including fishing and catching crabs along the pebble beaches. This is a popular choice amongst locals for a place to relax during the summer.

      Stay about
      1 h 0 mins
  • Small shuttle iconDrive: 4 mins
    • 5th

      Longdong Bay Promontory
    • Longdong, or Dragon Caves, is a wonderful scenic location along Taiwan's northeast coast. This is a popular spot for rock climbing and hiking. Even if you do not like those activities, being on the Longdong Cape presents amazing views of the coastline.

      Stay about
      1 h 0 mins
  • Small shuttle iconDrive: 10 mins
    • 6th

    • Bitoujiao, marked by the iconic white lighthouse on the tip of the cape, is a wonderful place to soak up the scenery and enjoy the ocean wind.

      Stay about
      0 h 45 mins
  • Small shuttle iconDrive: 11 mins
    • 7th

      Nanya Rock Formations
    • Nanya Rock Formations are the series of unique rock statues sculptured by the waves and wind over the centuries. The result are many interesting and beautiful rock formations.

      Stay about
      0 h 30 mins
  • Small shuttle iconDrive: 43 mins
    • Drop off at
      Taipei City
    • Hotel, BnB or any place within the city

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    Kai YeeJuly 2019
    非常推荐嘉信哦! 对人有善,有礼,很热情。感谢他会主动帮我拍照,大热天会递上湿纸巾,借用雨伞给我等等,非常贴心。嘉信也很专业的在各个景点解说分享。绝对是很好的选择。他也非常优默哦,有他带真的不会无聊。再次谢谢他请我吃的福隆便当,很有古早味,非常好吃!

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