Chiu Chunt Dint(九重町客栈) | Jiufen

Our Review

The beautiful morning view of the shoreline and mountain, the foggy and misty scene proves that staying in Jiufen is ultimately worth it.


The best part of Chiu Chunt Dint / 九重町客栈 is location, set right inside the Jiufen Old Street, impossible to neglect this Minsu while you passing by. The first floor is an old-fashion, retro 1970 Taiwan style restaurant. You can get the nostalgic feeling the very moment you enter Chiu Chunt Dint Minsu, with the old-school music gently playing, it's like entering a time-traveling tunnel, which brings up the memory of the gold mining town. Tourists often mention this Minsu with cozy, clean and a place with nice view, the deluxe double room is a popular recommendation.


No. 29, Jishan St., Ruifang Dist., New Taipei City 22448, Taiwan

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