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Of all the Minsus in Jiufen, Jiufen Komachi is the only Japanese-style Minsu. If you like Gibli's movie "Spirited Away", you will find that the style of Jiufen is suitable for Japanese-style seamlessly.


Jiufen/Kyufen Komachi, or another commonly used named Chiufen Xiaoding Guest House, is a Japanese style Minsu, with nice staff and landlord, guests here often mention the simple yet tasty breakfast. Located nearly at the end of Jiufen Old Street, a big highlight of the Minsu at this area if you can enjoy the magnificent view of Jiufen shoreline, the night of Jiufen is entirely different from the daytime, quiet and pleasant night view. Only a few minutes away from the Jiufen Old Street, Jiufen/Kyufen Komachi is a bit difficult to find according to the reviews. First, you need to locate "Jiufen Elementary School", by asking people or maps, which is at the end of the stairs if you coming from the mail old street. Just walk along the path towards left, you will pass "Dragon Gate Inn‎ / Longmeng Inn" and "Jiufen A-HOME" subsequently, keep going forward and you will see the sign of "Jiufen Komachi".


No. 70, Lunding Rd., Ruifang Dist., New Taipei City, Taiwan

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