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Misty Villa is located in a fantastic base to visit Green Green grassland and Hehuanshan. Misty Villa is probably the most popular minsu with Singaporeans and Malaysians.


Just like many other Minsus you may experience in other places of Taiwan, Misty Villa B&B is has a lot of homely element. Simple exterior design of the house with a classic homely interior furnishing of Taiwanese style. You can get the feeling of the country the moment you enter into this Minsu. Location is one great reason to stay in Misty Villa, with about 10 minutes walking down the hill, amenities like Starbucks and convenience store are both easily accessible. On the other hand, however, it takes up to 25 minutes uphill walk if one would like to reach Cinjing Farm or Green Green Grassland. Hiring a driver for the day when traveling with the family is recommendable.


No.9 Rong Guan Lane,Ren-ai Township, Taiwan

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