Kenting Day Tour from Kaohsiung

Travel directly to Kenting from Kaohsiung! This is our recommendation for the best of Kenting’s coastline and Kenting National Park in one day. Start off your day with a pleasant stroll along the Jialeshui Scenic Area; be blown away by the beauty of Longpan National Park; take a trip to Taiwan’s Southernmost Point; have fresh seafood in Houbihu; admire the life-like structures of Maobitou; relax in the beautiful Baisha Beach; before ending the day with a unforgettable sunset.

  • Time Icon1 Day11 Hours7 Attractions
  • Child safety seat available
  • English service available
  • Private tour, flexible pick-up time
  • Up to 8 guests per vehicle only. More than 8 guests require 2 or more vehicles.


  • Pick up at
    Kaohsiung City
  • Hotel, BnB or any place within the city

  • Small shuttle iconDrive: 128 mins
    • 1st

      Eluanbi Park
    • Eluanbi Park is special, because it represents the most southern point of Taiwan. Eluanbi Park features unique scenery of coral walls alongside greenery, as well as a stunning lighthouse. There is even a monument marking Taiwan’s southernmost point.

      Stay about
      0 h 30 mins
  • Small shuttle iconDrive: 6 mins
    • 2nd

      Longpan National Park
    • Next, Longpan National Park presents a change in scenery along the coastline. Blue waters meet fields of green, and when the wind blows, endless waves are formed, making for a therapeutic sight. Aside from the greenery, there are cliffs and various rock formations to admire.

      Stay about
      0 h 30 mins
  • Small shuttle iconDrive: 26 mins
    • 3rd

    • Start your day off right! The sights at Jialeshui refreshes your body and mind. While you stroll along the coastline, enjoying the ocean breeze, you will notice Jialeshui’s uniquely shaped rocks crafted by Mother Nature herself, after years of wind and water erosion. You will also meet the stunning Shanhai Fall, a 30 metre coastal fall.

      Stay about
      0 h 30 mins
  • Small shuttle iconDrive: 41 mins
    • 4th

    • How does fresh seafood for lunch sound? Houbihu is the largest fishing port in Kenting, so you’d definitely get your fill of the freshest seafood. Besides food, you can also participate to various water activities and sports like parasailing! We highly recommend you try them out, although probably before you have a filling lunch!

      Stay about
      1 h 0 mins
  • Small shuttle iconDrive: 7 mins
    • 5th

    • Maobitou is famous for the rock formation in the sea that resembles a crouching cat. Even if you don’t see that resemblance, Maobitou is still a beautiful and worthwhile place to visit. The scenery here captivates visitors from all over the world.

      Stay about
      0 h 30 mins
  • Small shuttle iconDrive: 6 mins
    • 6th

      Baisha Beach
    • Time to kick back and relax! You’ve had a long day, so let the crashing waves and golden sand relax and refresh you. Baisha Beach is also sandwiched between coral reefs, so there’s plenty to explore.

      Stay about
      1 h 0 mins
  • Small shuttle iconDrive: 12 mins
    • 7th

    • Watching the sunset in Guanshan is a must if you’re in Kenting. It is considered one of the best places to watch the sunset. Only a short climb is needed to enjoy the view!

      Stay about
      0 h 30 mins
  • Small shuttle iconDrive: 116 mins
    • Drop off at
      Kaohsiung City
    • Hotel, BnB or any place within the city

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    HongLokeJuly 2019
    Again no mistake made in choosing Ownrides for our trip to Kenting. Mr. Xing (豹哥) was punctual to pick us up from hotel even though he informed us that he was caught in a traffic jam. We had good chat during the ride. His friendly and humorous nature made our ride lively and enjoyable. We are satisf...Read More
    GlennJanuary 2019
    Driver is friendly, shares information and we had great conversations with him. It was a pleasant experience.
    CKNovember 2018
    Fang Hui was very friendly and helpful. Very flexible with the itinerary. Gave excellent recommendations for great and cheap local food.
    See ChauAugust 2018
    Our driver was timely to pick us up from the hotel and bonus time added to our day tour for free. He was a safe and very caring driver. We had a great time. Thank You for the service.

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